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SNOW CHEETAH is coming soon!

Yep! I don't have a cover, yet, but I'm finishing the second edits, and the release date is November 1, 2014 from Desert Breeze Publishing. Yay!

Like in the other books in the series, I picked the hero and the heroine from opposite sides of the controversy. Here is the blurb:

Natalia, future queen of Kassouk, pressured into bonding with a power-hungry prince, yearns to reign and improve her people's lives. She finds the handsome Earth captain a refreshing distraction, despite his five fingers and ridiculous claim of being human, like the lowly workers of her world.

Captain Martial Terrien, nano-enhanced Space Marine from Earth, is on a secret, desperate mission to find his people a new home. The unexpected population on the chosen planet complicates his task, especially since the ruling caste can read minds, levitate, and teleport at will. Furthermore, the lovely princess and her pet cheetah take a shine to him, and beautiful women spelled disaster in his past. Natalia's jilted suitor, determined to reign at any cost, vows to annihilate the Earthlings. When the conflict escalates, can Martial obey Earth Central Command, or will he jeopardize the future of his race to save Natalia?


When her arm weakened and her steps grew shaky, he did a somersault over her head, leaving her confused. Then he shoved her sideways, and tackled her. He pinned her to the soft mat, face up, while he held her sword arm to the floor.

He had her.

Her hair came undone around her head, like a bright halo on the soft gray mat, and her luminous green gaze locked with his. Her lips opened slightly, and he couldn’t help but stare. She looked so helpless, so confused, her chest heaving. Her eyes unfocused and her pupils dilated. She was not playing the game anymore... neither was he.

Her breath hitched. He lowered his face to hers and hovered closer to marvel at her beauty. She kept staring at him. He couldn’t resist the temptation to probe her mind. A mistake. She was calling to him, wanting him to kiss her. He lowered his gaze to her mouth and she licked her slightly open lips. How could he possibly resist her sensual call?

Slowly, deliberately, he brushed her pliant lips, enjoying the soft contact. When she tasted him with a lick, he held his fire, afraid she would balk at a fierce response. She had to be a virgin. Then she let go of the sword. He relaxed his hold, and she caressed his hair.

The sensation of her six-fingered hand on his head awakened shored up needs he could no longer contain. Cupping her fiery mane, he claimed her mouth and ravished it with the fervor of a starving man.

She moaned softly and arched under him, as if seeking body contact. Flashes of all the disastrous consequences their relationship could bring barely cooled his lust, but he must stop this now.

He steeled himself against the separation and rose slowly, with great reluctance.

She sat up on the mat, staring at him.

“I’m so sorry.” He turned away. He couldn’t watch her like that. “It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Why not?” The disappointment in her voice and in her mind sliced him deeper than a sword.

“You are promised to another man.” As good an excuse as any. The truth was too ugly to tell. His mission might require him to annihilate her entire race.

“I do not intend to become Kaylar’s mate.” The indignant tone told much about her dislike for the man.

Martial stiffened, closing his fists, then he faced her again. “I hope we can still be friends.”

“Friends?” Tears welled in her beautiful green eyes.

“Or colleagues... diplomat and future queen.” Martial still needed more information on the Starlings.

She swallowed a sob, quickly wiped a tear, then composed her face. “Maybe when you see more of our culture, you will understand that although our females often take a submissive role, we do have a choice in the matter. We are civilized.”

“Of course, you are.” He certainly felt like the Neanderthal here.

She rose from the floor and tossed her long wavy hair behind the shoulders of her impeccable white body suit. “Then shall we meet again tomorrow?”

The hope softening her face broke his heart.

“I planned to show you our hydroponic installations.”

“I accept, but I must bring my team.” For his own protection. He didn’t want to repeat past mistakes. And mistakes would certainly be made if he spent too much time alone with her.

Here are the other books in the series if you want to catch up. They can be read in any order, but if you are like me and prefer to read them in the right sequence, here they are:

Prequel - NOAH'S ARK, Book One - WHITE TIGER, Book Two - RED LEOPARD, Book Three - BLACK JAGUAR, Book Four - BLUE LIONESS, Book Five - SNOW CHEETAH (November 1, 2014).


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