Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Five in the Chronicles of Kassouk coming in November!

I thought I was done with the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series, until I talked with my publisher at a conference, and we started throwing ideas around the table at lunch. What's your next book in the series? They were expecting more?

All right. I had to think. Truth be told, I already had an idea I had played in my head before writing the prequel, NOAH'S ARK, the story of how a human population happened to flourish on this far flung planet beyond Earth's reach. Now that I had the very beginning, I needed a cap at the end of the series.

Since in the very beginning of the series, a human craft is thrown off course and crashes on the wrong planet, I surmised that sooner or later, humanity at large would finally discover that planet... and wonder why there is a human population there.

Since the people of Kassouk had lost their technology but had been in contact with many different alien races in the past centuries, their culture has evolved differently. Some of them also have mixed blood and psychic abilities that set them apart. So, when the hero, the handsome captain of the Nautilus, discovers Kassouk, it's a complete surprise, and a culture shock.

Of course, humanity has also evolved, the hero is enhanced in many ways, and the reason for his exploration trip is not to rescue the humans of Kassouk. Earth has its own problems, and is looking for a new home.

Here is the blurb for Book 5 in the series, 

On a mission to annex a planet for Earth, Captain Martial Terrien faces a culture with incredible psychic abilities, and falls for its lovely queen.

Pressured into bonding with a power-hungry prince, Natalia, future queen of Kassouk, yearns to reign and improve her people's lives. She finds the handsome Earth captain a refreshing distraction, despite his five fingers and ridiculous claim of being human, like the lowly workers of her world.
Captain Martial Terrien, nano-enhanced Space Marine from Earth, is on a secret, desperate mission to find his people a new home. The unexpected population on the chosen planet complicates his task, especially since the ruling caste can read minds, levitate, and teleport at will. Furthermore, the lovely princess and her pet cheetah take a shine to him, and beautiful women spelled disaster in his past. Natalia's jilted suitor, determined to reign at any cost, vows to annihilate the Earthlings. When the conflict escalates, can Martial obey Earth Central Command, or will he jeopardize the future of his race to save Natalia?

I have no cover yet, but the eBook is scheduled for release on November 1st, 2014. The paperback will follow shortly after that, probably in December.


Vijaya Schartz

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