Saturday, August 31, 2013

a few lines from His Betrayal Her Lies by Angel de`Amor

This week, a few lines from His Betrayal Her Lies by Angel de`Amor
She moved to her dresser, opened the bottle, and rubbed the lotion all over her body, paying special attention to his two favorite places to nibble—her neck and legs. The butterscotch skin, brown eyes, and petite body that were reflected in the mirror as she massaged her legs made her feel extra sexy. She stood and did a little sensual dance as she opened her underwear drawer, selected a striking red lace thong, and slipped it up her legs.

Some teeny devil must have been sitting on her shoulder urging her on. “Yeah, this thong is all the clothes you’re going to need.” She pulled her four-inch red pumps out the closet and slid them on her feet. “Sorry, babies,” she told her aching feet, “but I gotta look good tonight.”

She snatched her wallet out of her purse off the nightstand and her Blackberry off the bed as she walked to the living room closet. Wrapping up in the long, black, fox fur coat would protect her from the chilly November weather.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A few lines from... Winter Fire by BWL author Kathy Fischer-Brown

Winter Fire
Kathy Fischer-Brown

"Get back!" he shouted. "The ice won't hold you!"
She whirled around in alarm.
And in that split second, he saw her eyes. Those startled doe's eyes. Zara Grey!
In the next instant, a crack—like a musket shot—echoed through the ravine. She reeled as the ice heaved up beneath her amid an angry surge of black water. And then, her face frozen in a look of surprise, her mouth open in a semblance of a silent scream, she disappeared through the widening breach.
His gaze fixed on the roiling chasm, Ethan hurled himself down the slope. She surfaced—flailing arms and legs, and gasping desperately for air—churning up the black water into an icy froth. She grasped at the splinters of ice.
"Keep your head up!"
Racing along the bank, he ripped off his deerskin jacket and hurled it, along with his rifle and belt into the snow. If she went under again, she'd be trapped. Already the current had taken her, sweeping her like a bobbing cork toward the opposite bank where the ice was thicker.
"Keep your head up!"
But the frenzied movement of her arms had slowed. She gasped at the water along with the air. She could barely keep herself afloat. As if she had made a conscious choice to surrender herself to a stronger power, he saw the spirit drain out of her. An eerie calm settled over her eyes as her gaze met his, then she slipped under again without a struggle.
Without stopping to think, Ethan tore off his shirt and moccasins, and dove through the opening.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

AKIRA'S CHOICE, coming Sept.1, 2013, has a cover!

No surprise there. The cover is almost the same for all the novellas in this publisher series. My last contribution was BLACK DRAGON. Other Desert Breeze authors contributed novellas to this series as well.

The cover represents the Borealis space station, a decrepit outpost at the fringe of conquered space. The time is the 27th century, when man has interstellar travel. Unlike Babylon Five, this space station is ancient and in disrepair, due to the rebellion against the Trans Planetary Protectorate.

Akira is a futuristic samurai bounty hunter. She is a no-nonsense kick-butt heroine, and she believes in right and wrong, law and order.  Her mark is a child kidnapper, and she has no qualms about bringing him in, dead or alive. But the child is another matter. Something is wrong with her orders. Why would the TPP want a small child dead or alive? She intends to find out.

But Akira is not prepared for what she discovers...

This action-packed romantic novella is a sweet read, but it will keep you turning the pages.

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Good luck and happy reading! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Few Lines from Shattered Dreams by Janet Lane Walters

Just a Few Lines from Shattered Dreams by Janet Lane Walters

Without a glance at the waiting patient, she strode to the counter. The aroma strengthened. Hadn’t been her imagination. She turned her head and stared at the man wearing the green cotton examining gown. She gripped the edge of the counter. Blood rushed from her head.
“You’re dead.” The words slashed the silence. This couldn’t be happening.
The voice sounded like the one from her dreams. She opened her mouth to ask where he’d been and what he’d been doing for the past twelve years. She sucked in a shallow breath. Asking that question would only stir the emotions she had frozen.
“Don’t bail on me. Sit down.”
Her fingers had no feeling. Waves of darkness dimmed her vision. The edge of the counter disappeared. Her knees buckled. Blackness engulfed her.

* * *

“Manon!” Rafe Marshall leaped from the examining table in time to catch her before she hit the floor. He cradled her against his chest. “Didn’t mean to scare you,” he whispered. Why did she think he was dead?He knew news of his accident had been kept quiet because the police believed he’d been deliberately forced off the road. Who had told her? Had the informant been the driver of the dark car his rescuer had seen speeding from the scene?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIN a pdf of AKIRA'S CHOICE, BOREALIS 9 from Vijaya Schartz

Only a few weeks left until the release of BOREALIS 9: AKIRA’S CHOICE on September 1, 2013. It will be available in all eBook formats through Amazon, B&N, ARe, Kobo, Sony, I pad, and more.
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This novella (about half the length of a regular novel) is part of the BOREALIS Space Station romantic series from Desert Breeze Publishing. It’s a sweet romance (just kisses), full of action and space adventure. My last contribution to this series was BLACK DRAGON. All the novellas in this series have a similar cover.


Bounty hunter Akira Karyudo knew something didn't add up when she accepted her assignment. Why would the Trans Planetary Protectorate want a kidnapped orphan dead or alive?

She will get to the truth once she finds the boy, and the no good SOB who snatched him from a psychiatric hospital. With her cheetah, Freckles, a genetically enhanced feline retriever, Akira sets out to flush them out of the bowels of the BOREALIS space station. But when she finds her fugitives, the man is not what she expects.

Markku, a decorated rebel soldier, only protects his nephew from the authorities, who performed painful experiments on the boy. Stuck on Borealis, he hides the child. But how can he shield him from the horribly dangerous conditions in the lawless sublevels of the decrepit space station?

Akira faces the worst moral dilemma of her career. Law or justice, duty or love. She can't have it both ways.

Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Few Lines from "Finding Freedom" by Betty Jo Schuler

Finding Freedom
By Betty Jo Schuler

CELESTE HARTE GLARED at the twenty-nine candles on her birthday cake. She'd squandered her last fourteen birthday wishes asking for a fairy tale romance, and her life still read like an instruction manual. The frog she'd hoped would turn into a prince, God rest his soul, had been a cheating toad. Leaning her hands on her glass-topped kitchen table, she puffed out her cheeks and blew. I wish I'd meet a man who would turn my life into a sizzling romance novel.

"Easy." Marianne Joest raised an auburn brow as she swiped cream frosting from her blouse with a manicured nail. Closing her eyes, she sucked her fingertip. "Mm. Next best thing to an orgasm."

"My life is half over, I haven't made love in I-can't-remember-when, and you talk about orgasm?"

"Half over?" Marianne snorted. "And I thought Susan was the drama queen." She cut two slices of cake and handed Celeste one.

Celeste shook her head. "It's loaded with fat."

"Dammit, Cee. This is carrot cake, a vegetable with frosting. You're thin enough no matter what Harry said, and twenty-nine isn't the beginning of menopause."
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