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Sunday Snippets: RELICS Futuristic excerpt

Ancient Enemy Book 2
by Vijaya Schartz
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The year is 2023, and an alien invader has infiltrated the human race. In a dangerous future threatened by aliens and infiltrated by hybrids, archeologist Celene Dupres witnesses her father's murder. Vowing to avenge him and retrieve his precious alien relics, she finds the perfect ally and protector. But the man she trusts, the man with whom she is falling in love, is the secret agent sent to kill her. Kin, however is more than a killing machine. Despite his love for Celene, can he accomplish his gruesome mission, and save humanity from the threat embedded in her DNA?

"RELICS is an intense thrill ride of a futuristic romance; I highly recommend it." - Paranormal Romance

" intriguing romance... all the staples of a good science fiction story." - Romantic Times

" ...will keep you captivated from beginning to end." - Love Romances - 5-hearts rating

"I consider this to be among the best reads of the year!" - Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels


Celene spun around and stared straight at her observer.  Twenty feet away, a tall Asian man in a tan Italian suit and black silk shirt leaned against the wall in an easy stance, sipping from a square glass. Who was he?  An ORION hit man?  Had he seen what happened to her? Was he watching her for personal or professional interest? He looked Chinese, with a curtain of wavy black hair framing a serious face. What a magnificent specimen of raw animal sex appeal. His splendidly muscled frame turned away from her gaze, and the very gesture made her ache for his attention.  She hated herself for that weakness but could not help it.
Although troubled by her emotional response to the handsome Chinese, Celene needed to find out why he watched her, so she walked toward the mysterious man who made her pulse quicken.  Careful, there.  She felt light-headed. Was it the aftermath of her near invisibility, the champagne, or the adrenalin? She wanted him to look at her, she wanted to gaze into the depths of his wide, almond eyes. Even from a distance, he looked dangerous, like a Bengal tiger, never to be tamed.
It took no effort to smile when she reached him. "My name is Celene Dupres, archeologist." She extended her free hand.
With a surprised and slightly embarrassed smile, the stranger faced her in a graceful motion. "Armand Dupres' daughter?" She detected a hint of Mandarin accent. When he took her offered hand in a warm grip, his dark gaze made her legs feel like pudding. "Kin Raidon, avid collector, at your service."
I wish.
"You said something?" His open grin bothered her as he caressed the magnificent jade medallion of an exquisite dragon on his muscled chest. Could he read her feelings?
Celene felt herself flush. "And what do you collect, Mr. Raidon?"
"Please, call me Kin. I specialize in Anaz-voohri artifacts.  Found any lately?" His enigmatic expression made the question sound even more dangerous.
Celene cleared her throat. "These relics are rare and most of them have been appropriated by the Global Government. I know of none available for purchase at the moment." She paused. "Why were you watching me earlier?"
His dark brown eyes glinted with flecks of gold. "Maybe I was watching the same man you were watching."
"I wasn't watching anyone." How unsettling to discover she had been so obvious despite her efforts to look natural. 
"Yes, you were." Kin nodded in the direction the officer had gone. "He noticed you, and attention from him is never a good thing." 
"You know the man?" Celene felt elated at finally learning something useful.
Sipping on his drink, Kin seemed in no hurry to answer. "His name is Jason Carrick, a powerful and ruthless collector. He always gets what he wants, one way or another." 
"A collector?" Celene tried to sound casual. "Rather unusual for a military man."
Kin's dark eyes narrowed. "Men of action can appreciate art, too, you know?" 
"And what in heaven is wrong with the man's eyes?"
"One of them is made of glass. A battle wound against a hybrid." Obviously, Kin knew much about Jason Carrick.
"Hybrid? As in half-alien, half-human?"
Kin shrugged. "That's his story."
Celene had to take a chance. She looked around to make sure no one stood close enough to hear. "How much do you know about the organization called ORION?"
Kin's face remained guarded. "Not much. They are rather secretive. Are you one of those conspiracy theory nuts?"
Celene did not like the insinuation. "I could take offense, but you know what? For some reason, in the last few days some of these theories are starting to make sense to me. How far do you think Jason Carrick would go to get what he wants?"
Kin sighed. "Whatever it takes."
Celene lowered her voice. "Even slaughtering a team of innocent archeologists?"
Kin remained very still then nodded gravely. 
"And what about you?" Celene held his gaze. "How far would you go to get what you want?"
 "You ask too many questions." As if to soften the blow, he chuckled, all charm. "It all depends on what I want and why." 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snippets - Excerpt of ASHES FOR THE ELEPHANT GOD

by Vijaya Schartz

To scatter her brother's ashes over the Narmada River, Fabienne leaves France for the mysterious India of her childhood dreams. As she awakens to a newfound spirituality, unexpected visions of a former life during the Raj stir ancient yearnings for a long lost passion. Mukunda, the palace architect Fabienne loved a century and a half ago, lives again as an American engineer and works on the local dam project. As Fabienne falls in love again with India and the man of her destiny, the tapestry of her previous life unfolds. But, in the karmic land of the blue gods, a ruthless foe lies in wait. The Kali worshiper, who murdered the two lovers in a faraway past, has come back through the centuries to thwart their dream once more.

"... passionate... love, lust, faith and deception... a magnificent offering to the world of fiction..." Charlotte Austin Review - 5 stars

", sensual... multilayered... a thriller... magical, mystical book..." - Writer's Digest

"... a broad-stroked, magnificent picture of a lavish India of the past and the present... a vivid tale of suspense... a gripping account of a woman coming to terms with heightened awareness... a destiny that yields true fulfillment." The Book Reader

"... entertaining, fast-paces yet deeply spiritual... Here is a superior metaphysical novel!" Richard Fuller - Metaphysical Reviews

"I was hooked... major talent... the type of villain everyone loves to hate... An extremely satisfying read!" Huntress Book Reviews

"...Vijaya Schartz brings the sights and smells of India alive..." Carrie Miner, The Glendale Star


A guest sat next to Baba on the elevated patio of the Ashram's courtyard, a rare honor reserved only to Living Saints, international good Samaritans, show-business celebrities, movie stars, Maharajahs, and high-ranking government officials.

The young man looked American, German or Nordic, tall, blond, blue eyed. In a tan safari shirt and western slacks, he sat cross-legged and talked with natural ease, smiling and laughing at Baba's stories. I took my place in the second row, on the tile of the courtyard below, behind the Bhramacharyas in yellow robes. Amazed, I realized then that the striking man spoke Hindi.

After a look at the clock, Baba interrupted his chat, cleared his throat, switched on the microphone, then tapped it and laughed at the sound, marveling as he always did at the wonders of modern electronics.

"Sadgurunath, Maharaj Ki Jay!" The devotees intoned in respectful greeting.

"I am delighted to introduce our guest." Baba smiled and turned toward the blond man. "His name is Mukunda, and he's looking for a bride."

Startled by the name, I stared while the ashramites laughed. The young man blushed fiercely, obviously taken aback by this unexpected introduction. He looked at the ground, gave an embarrassed laugh, then raised his head and faced the crowd for the first time.

I caught my breath, lost in his clear blue eyes. My heart stopped. Mukunda's frank stare riveted me to the ground. Overwhelming sensations flooded my senses. As he brushed long fingers through his hair, probably to hide remnants of embarrassment, I recognized the familiar gesture from a vision. Then Mukunda smiled, and the world around me reeled.

I grinned back. From a warm jungle pool, the frolicsome youth of my visions smiled at me over a lifetime, and I could feel that he recognized me too. I wanted to call him, touch him. I wanted to feel his embrace. We belonged to each other...

"Of course, this is not the whole reason for Mukunda's visit." Baba's voice brought me back to reality.

Suddenly, I remembered where I was, who I was, and my recent commitment to the spiritual path. In the greater scheme of things, Mukunda must represent the supreme temptation, the ultimate sacrifice for me to make, the one thing to renounce. In order to become a nun, as I should, I had to overcome my irresistible attraction to this man, let go of the past, and free myself from earthly bondage. 

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MAD MAX - Fury Road - the movie

 See the trailer HERE

It was violent, full of heart-stopping action, and I loved that part. As far as post-apocalyptic worlds go, this one was quite believable. I loved that Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa) had an atrophied left arm and wore prosthetics. I also liked the slant on widespread physical defects due to radiation fall out, and the great value placed on perfect women, in hopes to bear perfect children.

I loved  that Tom Hardy (who plays Mad Max) broadened his acting scope and is finally an action hero, although he did have a stunt double (cannot blame him there). It bothered me that he wore a metal mask hiding most of his face for two thirds of the movie. It probably made it easier for the stunt double to take over in those horrifying scenes, but it took away from the actual acting. Strangely enough, this new Max didn't seem mad at all, compared to the old version played by Mel Gibson. He was the sanest person in the bunch. The ghosts of his past seemed added on as an afterthought. His guilt at losing his wife and child didn't seem to color his present life.

The vehicles, old cars, big war rigs and motorcycles charging across the desert in a cloud of sand were awesome, very imaginative, and obviously could take a lot of punishment. I especially liked the porcupine cars. No lack of hard steel in this post-apocalyptic world. Even the toughest military tank of today wouldn't last very long on that road.

I didn't care as much for the plot. Okay, it's a race through the desert to reach the green place. Three quarters of the movie are a breathtaking escape. Then they reach the salt flats, realize the green place is no more, and while she wants to push East, he convinces her in one sentence to return to where they came from and take over the empire. Really? Three warriors and a few pretty girls, half naked, with no skills, driving a big rig through three entire armies of raging lunatics? I didn't buy it. I didn't find their victory at the end believable. Nope. That was a let down.

At times I wished for an opportunity for the two main characters to express their affection and respect for each other. There would have been room for some caring. What I did believe though, was him walking away after the victory and leaving her in charge. Mad Max cannot be tied down. But then again, this Mad Max was way too sane and even tempered for his own world.
 Still, very much worth seeing.

Vijaya Schartz, author of sci-fi romance with a kick

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Sunday Snippets - Excerpt of KICKING BOTS, Ancient Enemy Book 3

Ancient Enemy Book Three
by Vijaya Schartz

Dr. Melissa Campbell, researcher at the San Francisco Center for Disease Control, requests help to protect her precious vaccine, one that could end the deadly alien plague. She didn't expect a crazy renegade like Bennett for a bodyguard. She hates military types, and this genetically enhanced super-soldier is pure testosterone, hot-headed, quick-tempered, impulsive, and downright impossible. But these are dangerous times with riots in the streets, and rumors of alien invasion. In a breathless race against time, experience the decisive battle for humankind, one that will decide whether Earth belongs to humanity, or to a powerful alien race.
"Begins with a bang and keeps the fireworks coming. As much as Melissa and Bennett try to fight their feelings for each other, it is too strong for them to deny... but he cannot let that prevent him from doing his job.... Can they override their programming in time to save the human race? - Sensual Reads - 4.5 stars - Sultry

"... Bennett. Sexy, balls to the walls Bennett. Ladies man, his own military militia and a devilish sense of humor. A sensational and fantastical alternate universe, painted and laid out for me with every wondrous word. I really enjoyed being taken away into the lives of the characters as they wove their way through imminent death, every lie and betrayal, every scary new path on their journey to get to the truth and save the world as they know it." Book Junkie - 4 stars

"I really enjoyed this book. Even though I hadn't read the previous two... I have always been interested in the mysterious disappearance of the Anasazi and this story nicely filled in the blanks... exceptionally well written. I am definitely going to have to find the previous books and check them out as well." - The Romance Studio - 5 hearts - rated very sensual


How the doll-face doctor fired the bazooka without training was beyond Bennett. Had she gone to Bot fighting camp? Right now, she worked like a team mate. Weird. A jolt seared his left thigh. Bennett braced himself and bit his lip not to scream. When he fired back, he noticed a slight power decrease in the Thunderbolt. "Shit!"

 Amazingly, the half-dozen Anaz-voohri vessels still in the air withdrew, probably realizing they had become vulnerable. Not only that, but by returning fire, they risked killing their own agent in the person of the pretty doctor standing next to him. Obviously, she did not know who she really was. The shot that damaged his thigh had hit too close to their precious mole.

As Bennett checked the load on the Thunderbolt, the power cell read almost empty. He needed to reload, and only in a Mythos facility could he find the equipment to do that.

"Hang on tight!" Revving the engine, Bennett sat in the stern, extending his leg to release the pressure on his wounded thigh. He ignored the pain as he swerved west, toward the Golden Gate Bridge then raced between the red metallic piles out of the bay. He hoped the military, busy with the aftermath of the battle, wouldn't pursue him.

Once in the open ocean, Bennett angled south along the California coast and set the engine to stealth mode. The boat slowed a bit, but the sound wouldn't attract attention.

Dr. Campbell sat in the bow, the thick jacket enveloping her completely as she tucked it around her legs like a poncho. Somehow she had managed to return all his equipment to the bag.

She stared at him with wide misty eyes. "Where are we going?"

"Someplace safe." Bennett didn't like anyone, much less a woman in heels and a skirt, touching his arsenal. At least not that arsenal. He nodded toward the bag. "How can you even balance that big bazooka? You work out?"

Dr. Campbell smiled briefly. "Just because I have a brain doesn't mean I'm not fit. I do practice Yoga."

"Yoga?" His attempt to laugh turned into a grimace due to the pain in his thigh, but Bennett didn't change position. He didn't want the doll face doctor to notice his wound. A soldier never revealed his weaknesses. So he humored her. "And just because I bench press doesn't mean I have no brains."

"Touché!" She chuckled. "That's why you read comic books?"

"Graphic novels." Bennett struggled to remain calm. "And there is much more in these books than most people know. It's also art, graphic art."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stereotype."

"Why not? Everybody does." He didn't tell her he'd labeled her as a stuck up know-it-all goodie-two-shoes before he even met her. Before she blew his mind by shooting a bazooka.

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Did aliens visit us in the past? by Vijaya Schartz

Have we been visited by alien species in the ancient past? Are we the product of genetic manipulation by technologically advanced ancient visitors in need of labor? Are the gods of so many different Earth cultures aliens who, in ancient times, came down from other star systems to teach, nurture, and facilitate the evolution of the human race? All these questions might seem outrageous to many people

Of course, the mainstream scientists refuse to examine the evidence, and governments are quick to dismiss any theory that doesn't fit the accepted standard. Few have enough courage to tell the world that our history books should be rewritten. But if you research and consider the evidence, it's not farfetched at all.

Ancient texts, like the Mahabarata in India, describe the gods waging war in the sky, flying Vimanas, shooting arrows of light and thunder that destroyed their flying chariots of fire. Ancient cities of India, like Mohanjo Daro, are still radioactive from their destruction by a nuclear blast thousands of years ago.

The ancient Vikings believed their gods came from another world through a rainbow bridge reminiscent of a wormhole. Could Odin, Thor, and the entire Viking mythology be relating events in the past, where powerful beings came to Earth from another planet?

Could it be that the ancient texts we consider as mythology, are actually records of historical events lost in the night of time? Even the ancient testament speaks of beings coming to Earth from the heavens. God came with legions of angels and archangels organized in a very military order... not so different from a modern space fleet.

Why is it that ruins in Puma Punku, in South America, dated 20,000 years ago, show stones cut with a precision we cannot achieve even today with the most sophisticated instruments? The traditions of the local tribes say these were built not by human hands, but by the gods.
structures on Mars
Are the structures on Mars left over from an ancient civilization, dating from when the red planet was green with life? What caused its atmosphere to thin and its water to dry up? Is it what will happen to Earth if we are not careful?

I am only scratching the surface here. This world is full of mysteries, and if we bother to investigate them, we might very well discover the secret of our origins, and embrace the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

As a science fiction writer, I find this inspiring, uplifting, and I sincerely hope the people of this world start looking closely at all these clues. Now that we have the technology to analyze the evidence, we should not be afraid of the results. The truth will prevail in the end, so why resist it?

In the Archangel books, bad boy Michael is in deep trouble, and being half alien doesn't help at all. Find these books and many more by Vijaya Schartz at:

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Sunday Snippets - excerpt of CHECKMATE - Archangel Book 2 by Vijaya Schartz

CHECKMATE - Archangel Book 2
by Vijaya Schartz

To quench his vengeful lust for the Archangel who scattered his remains at the edge of the universe, the Reptilian ruler orders the sacrificial death of Michael's teenage daughter. Half human and a full-fledged Archangel on his father's home world, Michael and his mate must return to Earth to save his daughter from fiendish claws, and his native planet from enslavement or worse... But the way home is fraught with dangers, some more insidious than others. Nothing prepared Michael for the kind of trial he must face, when his rambunctious past catches up with him at the worst possible time...

"Sword-and-shield adventure... aliens and angels and dreams truer than life and depraved shapeshifters and evil sorcerers and parallel universes... Funny and sad and very intelligent." The Book Reader

"...charm that keeps you reading... A fun piece of escapism... hours of sheer entertainment." Rapport Magazine

"You will be hooked... a good read from start to finish." Alan Caruba - BookViews

"Rollicks right along at a good clip... a fun concoction and a fast, zippy read... Really, this one is among the most pleasurable." Writer’s Digest

"Wickedly insightful. Grab this today along with the prequel, Crusader, Archangel Book 1." Five stars - Curled up With a Good Book

"Welcome home, my Archangel!" Veronica kissed him lightly on the nose. She was tall, but not as tall as Michael, and she had to stand on tiptoe to kiss him. Auburn hair brushed his cheek and her green eyes sparkled with gaiety. Except for the loose hair, she looked like a ballerina in white flowing silks.

Nothing ever affected her good spirits. Veronica's vibrancy added to her allure... She was the most beautiful woman he had ever wanted, and God, how he wanted her! A few years earlier, he would have seized the moment and made passionate love to her. Today, he felt weighted by responsibilities. Knowledge had a way of killing spontaneity.

"Don't regret it," Veronica chided, picking up his train of thoughts. "I love you more now than I did then. I thank Amrah in my heart every day for the transformation that made you so lovable." She hugged him dropped a feather kiss on his lips.

Michael snorted. Their linked minds allowed no secrets between them. "I guess, I was some piece of work. I've often wondered how you could take it, my drinking, fighting, and carousing all night... I mean, I wasn't exactly a nice guy."

"That was a lifetime ago, Michael, in another world. I understand now why you acted that way." The slight frown on Veronica's face quickly faded. "Now, you better get ready for the ceremony. Archangelhood doesn't call to duty every day. Are you going to appear with wings, Earth-style? This is very formal, you know, you can't wear jeans."

"Well, I'll stand out, as usual. After all, I'm a barbarian upstart from an underdeveloped planet. How about this?" As he spoke, Michael transformed into a luminous being of liquid silver, in full body armor, with majestic wings, flaming sword in hand. He made his cobalt eyes and turquoise aura radiate strength and righteousness.

Veronica laughed but approved. "For the first time, I find you very conventional, dear. I like it though, my knight in shining armor. Go get'em, Tiger!" She patted his rear and chuckled.

"Are you coming?" Michael asked, although he already knew.

"I wouldn't miss it for the entire cosmos." Veronica smiled mischievously.

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