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Friday, May 1, 2015


Alien base on the moon - NASA - Google
If you believe the conspiracy theorists, since our first steps in space, we have discovered alien bases on the moon and later on Mars. Using reverse-engineered spacecrafts, we are making contact with other species, collaborating with aliens on top secret projects in secret US bases, in the name of science... even experimenting on fellow humans.

This would explain a lot of UFO sightings, abductions, animal mutilations, the men in black, our giant steps in new technology, and the $12,000 hammers and ridiculously expensive supplies purchased by the government over the past decades, as they served as a cover for the enormous amount of government funds diverted toward this top secret research.

According to same conspiracy theorists, we may have already mastered antigravity, cloaking technology, warp drive... wouldn't that be great? Of course, the governments of Earth aware of this collaboration remain silent on the topic, denying and debunking every witness reports, and rejecting questions with benign answers.

A sci-fi writer can only dream and speculate. For me, I like to think we are already in space. After all, in Stargate, the entire project was top secret and unknown to the public. It makes sense that if such a project existed, the governments would deny its existence.

Can you imagine the world becoming what all these science fiction authors are predicting? While some authors paint a dark picture of our fictitious future, I choose to present humanity with challenges they can ultimately handle and overcome... that's because I want a happy outcome. After all, my heroes and heroines do deserve to be happy in the end.

So, I choose to believe, and maybe, who knows, this will be the brainstorm starting point of my future sci-fi romance series. A writer's mind never stops speculating. My Ancient Enemy series is not so farfetched after all. Find all my books at: AMAZON  -  B&N  -  ARe  -  SMASHWORDS etc.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I revamped my website - by Vijaya Schartz

With all the new covers and releases I had recently, my website had run amok. It had become too big and cumbersome. What's an author to do? I decided to streamline it and modernize it. It's now much easier to navigate.

I always liked the kick-butt girl in the background. I made it a banner. My front page is not as crowded, and I grouped my books by genre and by series with links. I hope you like the results

Please visit it at:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New covers for the Archangel Series by Vijaya Schartz

Archangel Book One 

Michael Tanner, proud, brash, irreverent, half Native American, and single father, doesn't believe in aliens. When a Blue Angel claims to have fathered him, Michael knows his drinking has gone haywire... But a seductive Prince of Darkness born of a nightmare now targets Michael’s family. When his girlfriend disappears and characters from his dreams suddenly materialize to threaten his daughter, Michael must come out of denial and overcome his weaknesses, to face the unbelievable mystery of his birth and fulfill his unique destiny.
"...relationships, angels, aliens and seduction... even Satanism... kept this reviewer riveted... compelling fantasy... you won't want to put it down... superior... enthralls, and, at the same time, awakens!" - Metaphysical Reviews
"A mighty fine tale primed to read through in one sitting." - Curled Up With a Good Book.

"...engaging and fast-paced... a harmonious mix of enticing story... where real people do extraordinary things... humorous and hopeful... fluid and entertaining... quick and often droll dialogue... a marvelous tale of good and evil..." - The Charlotte Austin Review

"...Lavishly described, expertly written with stirring descriptions that take one's breath away. Author Schartz has written a solidly absorbing, old-fashioned science fiction novel of good and evil, yes and no, the one and the many." - The Book Reader

Archangel Book Two

To quench his vengeful lust for the Archangel who scattered his remains at the edge of the universe, the Reptilian ruler orders the sacrificial death of Michael's teenage daughter. Half human and a full fledged Archangel on his father's home world, Michael must return to Earth to save his daughter from fiendish claws, and his native planet from enslavement or worse... But the way home is fraught with dangers, some more insidious than others. Nothing prepared Michael for the kind of trial he must face, when his rambunctious past catches up with him at the worst possible time...

"Sword-and-shield adventure... aliens and angels and dreams truer than life and depraved shapeshifters and evil sorcerers and parallel universes... Funny and sad and very intelligent." --The Book Reader Magazine

"Wickedly insightful. Grab this today along with the prequel, Archangel Crusader." --Curled up With a Good Book - 5 stars

"...charm that keeps you reading... A fun piece of escapism... hours of sheer entertainment." --Rapport Magazine

"You will be hooked... a good read from start to finish." --Alan Caruba - BookViews

"Rollicks right along at a good clip... a fun concoction and a fast, zippy read... Really, this one is among the most pleasurable." --Writer's Digest

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New cover for ALIEN LOCKDOWN by Vijaya Schartz

sci-fi action romance

The year is 3033, in the Andromeda Galaxy, and deep in the bowels of the underground galactic prison, something has gone terribly wrong.

Rhonda Alendresis never wanted this prison job. When the civilians vanish and an earthquake damages the nuclear reactor, she must go down to repair it with Captain Perfect himself, Cole Riggeur, who always plays by the rules and never trusted a woman in his life. But deep in the underground penitentiary, the most wicked convicts in the Galaxy are loose, and a treacherous shape-shifter plans his revenge. Disconnected from the Garrison, against impossible odds, Cole and Rhonda now face their greatest challenge... trusting each other in order to survive.

"The action reminded me of an INDIANA JONES movie and the romance was equally intense." --Paranormal Romance Reviews

"...the fantastic anticipation only a ticking bomb can generate, I was enthralled from page one" --Lynn Lowe - Ecataromance

"...suspenseful, gripping saga of survival, betrayal, and hope...the resourcefulness and courage that occurs when a person refuses to admit defeat and die." --Dena - Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels


Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

Monday, January 12, 2015

Brand new covers for the ANCIENT ENEMY series - by Vijaya Schartz

Just in time for 2015, are the new fresh covers Books We Love Ltd made for the ANCIENT ENEMY sci-fi romance series. I love them, and you can really tell this is in the same series. No mistake about that. Here they are:


In Vijaya Schartz' "Anaz-Voohri" published by Books We Love, the Anaz-voohri have returned from the stars after eight hundred years, to claim the planet of their ancestors... a blue orb named Earth. Since he witnessed the abduction of his baby sister by an alien creature, Zack will stop at nothing to rescue her, even if it means joining the Special Forces. But Tia Vargas, the reckless Amazon training the secret unit for a highly classified mission, has no use for this handsome, rebellious recruit, at least not on the battlefield, until Zack’s farfetched stories prove to be true, and tragedy strikes...

The year is 2023, and an alien invader has infiltrated the human race. In a dangerous future threatened by aliens and infiltrated by hybrids, archeologist Celene Dupres witnesses her father's murder. Vowing to avenge him and retrieve his precious alien relics, she finds the perfect ally and protector. But the man she trusts, the man with whom she is falling in love, is the secret agent sent to kill her. Kin, however is more than a killing machine. Despite his love for Celene, can he accomplish his gruesome mission, and save humanity from the threat embedded in her DNA?

"RELICS is an intense thrill ride of a futuristic romance; I highly recommend it." Marlene Breakfield - Paranormal Romance
" intriguing romance... all the staples of a good science fiction story." - Romantic Times
" ...will keep you captivated from beginning to end." - Gina - Love Romances - 5-hearts rating
"I consider this to be among the best reads of the year!" - Johnna - Fallen Angel Reviews - Rating: 5 angels

In Vijaya Schartz' "Kicking Bots" published by Books We Love, Dr. Melissa Campbell, researcher at the San Francisco Center for Disease Control, requests help to protect her precious vaccine, one that could end the deadly alien plague. She didn't expect a crazy renegade like Bennett for a bodyguard. She hates military types, and this genetically enhanced super-soldier is pure testosterone, hot-headed, quick-tempered, impulsive, and downright impossible. But these are dangerous times with riots in the streets, and rumors of alien invasion. In a breathless race against time, experience the decisive battle for humankind, one that will decide whether Earth belongs to humanity, or to a powerful alien race.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SNOW CHEETAH is coming November 1!

Get ready, SNOW CHEETAH is coming November 1, 2014, and I already love the cover. Find it in November HERE.

This is the very last book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series (I swear). It nicely caps the series as after a thousand years, a vessel from Earth discovers unexpected humans on this far-flung planet.

On a mission to annex a planet for Earth, Captain Martial Terrien faces a culture with incredible psychic abilities, and falls for its lovely but forbidden queen.

Natalia, future queen of Kassouk, pressured into bonding with a power-hungry prince, yearns to improve her people's lives. She finds the handsome Earth captain a refreshing distraction, despite his five fingers and ridiculous claim of being human, like the lowly workers of her world.

Captain Martial Terrien, nano-enhanced Space Marine from Earth, is on a secret, desperate mission to find his people a new home. The unexpected population on the chosen planet complicates his task, especially since the ruling caste can read minds, levitate, and teleport at will. Furthermore, the lovely princess and her pet cheetah take a shine to him... and beautiful women always spelled disaster in his past.

Natalia's jilted suitor, determined to reign at any cost, vows to annihilate the Earthlings. When the conflict escalates, can Martial obey Earth Central Command, or will he jeopardize the future of his race to save Natalia and her people?


When her arm weakened and her steps grew shaky, he did a somersault over her head, leaving her confused. Then he shoved her sideways, and tackled her. He pinned her to the soft mat, face up, while he held her sword arm to the floor.
He had her.
Her hair came undone around her head, like a bright halo on the soft gray mat, and her luminous green gaze locked with his. Her lips opened slightly, and he couldn't help but stare. She looked so helpless, her chest heaving. Her eyes unfocused and her pupils dilated. She was not playing the game anymore... neither was he.
Her breath hitched. He lowered his face to hers and hovered closer to marvel at her beauty. She kept staring at him. He couldn't resist the temptation to probe her mind. A mistake. She was calling to him, wanting him to kiss her. He lowered his gaze to her mouth and she licked her slightly open lips. How could he possibly resist her sensual call?
Slowly, deliberately, he brushed her pliant lips, enjoying the soft contact. When she tasted him with a lick, he held his fire, afraid she would balk at a fierce response. She had to be a virgin. Then she let go of the sword. He relaxed his hold, and she caressed his hair.
The sensation of her six-fingered hand on his head awakened shored up needs he could no longer contain. Cupping her fiery mane, he claimed her mouth and ravished it with the fervor of a starving man.
She moaned softly and arched under him, as if seeking body contact. Flashes of all the disastrous consequences their relationship could bring barely cooled his lust, but he must stop this now.
He steeled himself against the separation and rose slowly, with great reluctance.
She sat up on the mat, staring at him.
"I'm so sorry." He turned away. He couldn't watch her like that. "It won't happen again. I promise."
"Why not?" The disappointment in her voice and in her mind sliced him deeper than a sword.
"You are promised to another man." As good an excuse as any. The truth was too ugly to tell. His mission might require him to annihilate her entire race.
"I do not intend to become Kaylar's mate." The indignant tone told much about her dislike for the man.
Martial stiffened, closing his fists, then he faced her again. "I hope we can still be friends."
"Friends?" Tears welled in her beautiful green eyes.
"Or colleagues... diplomat and future queen." Martial still needed more information on the Starlings.
She swallowed a sob, quickly wiped a tear, then composed her face. "Maybe when you see more of our culture, you will understand that although our females often take a submissive role, we do have a choice in the matter. We are civilized."
"Of course, you are." He certainly felt like the Neanderthal here.
She rose from the floor and tossed her long wavy hair behind the shoulders of her impeccable white body suit. "Then shall we meet again tomorrow?" Hope softened her face. "I planned to show you our hydroponic installations."
"I accept, but I must bring my team." For his own protection. He didn't want to repeat past mistakes. And mistakes would certainly be made if he spent too much time alone with her.