Monday, December 28, 2009

COYOTE GORGEOUS - January 3, 2010

Get your Kindles and eReaders ready. COYOTE GORGEOUS is here to download it and read it on your favorite eBook reader or on your laptop or computer. The price is a bargain (it's a novella you can read in a few hours). I 'm getting great comments on the cover already. To download it go to:

And while there, read and excerpt.

May 2010 bring you the very best.
For me, it starts with COYOTE GORGEOUS in January,
then the second book in the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series - RED LEOPARD in April 2010.
Then the third book in the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series - BLACK JAGUAR in Nov. 2010.

Vijaya Schartz
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

COYOTE GORGEOUS has a cover!

Don't you love this cover? Tell me what you think. I just received it from the publisher and I am elated. This is my first Native American hero, and he couldn't be more perfect for the character of this shapeshifter romance.

COYOTE GORGEOUS will be on sale on January 3, 2010, in KINDLE, and in all other eBook formats from various eBook retailers and from the publisher at:

Here is the blurb:

Arizona Game Ranger Madison Huntley, investigating a wild animal attack on a ranch in Cave Creek, discovers disturbing details. If she didn't know better, she'd say the legends frightening the ranch hand might be true. But Madison isn't just a wilderness cop. As a biologist and a wild life expert, she believes in facts and science, not scary tales.

Kaletaka, a Hopi Native, enjoys fame among the white man, forging haunting sculptures of half gods, half humans. When he awakens bloody, with no recollection of what he did the night before, he remembers the legends of his tribe, and the meaning of his name. But as hard as he tries, can he escape his destiny?

Can Madison solve the mystery killings and insure the safety of the town? Let alone her own safety? For each step closer to the truth and to Kaletaka, unleashes an unspeakable evil, and no one is safe...

YOU CAN ENTER MY CONTEST TO WIN THIS NEW RELEASE. Just click on CONTEST on the left and follow the directions at:

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season.

Vijaya Schartz
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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Girls with guns are my specialty. Love them, write them, read them. I find nothing attractive in whiny heroines feeling sorry for themselves. I like girls who take matters in their own hands and fight for what they believe in.
And once in a while, my heroines get into trouble. Big trouble. They are not perfect, far from it. They make mistakes. Don’t we all? But a mistake at gun point can lead to catastrophic consequences. In A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS, Rookie Border patrol Agent Kaitlin Harrington hates Christmas and all men since she lost her unborn child on Christmas Eve. This year, as she guards the Mexican border, she encounters more than she can handle in the person of a gorgeous Desperado, a despicable human smuggler of all people!
But Miguel is not what he seems, and Kaitlin is dragged into a breathless adventure on the Arizona border, crawling with smugglers, terrorists, corrupt officials, but also mountain lions, scorpions, rattlesnakes, and coyotes, the four-legged and the two-legged kind.
"...a love story and an adventure rolled into one... There is very little 'down time' in this fast-paced story, and this reader was glued to it until the very end." Four angels rating - Fallen Angel Reviews
Find out more about A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS and where to download it at:
Vijaya Schartz
Girls with Guns, Romance with a Kick