Friday, January 29, 2010

WHITE TIGER received an ARIANA award

WHITE TIGER, Book One of the Chronicle of Kassouk series, just won an ARIANA award from EPIC, an organization dictating high standards for the ebook industry.
The cover designer is Jenifer Ranieri, who did the cover for my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing. She obviously is very talented, and I want to thank her for such a wonderful job.
She successfully rendered the feel of the series, the fascination of the Human population for the felines they keep as pets, the medieval citadel of Kassouk where they live, the snow and the mountains, and the large moon in the background.
WHITE TIGER gathered several awards and five-star reviews since it's first publication, but this cover is very special. Learn more about this book and this series on my website at
The second book in the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series, RED LEOPARD, is scheduled for April 2010. The third book, BLACK JAGUAR, will be out in November 2010.
Vijaya Schartz
Award-winning Sci-fi, guns, swords, Romance with a Kick