Monday, May 4, 2009

From guns to kittens

Are guns and kittens incompatible? Obviously not. I have both weapons and cats in all of my stories, and I now have two cats in my home.

Meet Spunky, a well deserved name for a fearless little ball of fur. He is taking the household by storm, to the hissy fit of my two-year old female cat, Jasmine. She is coming around, however, after two days and started playing along with him, but not with him yet. When he jumped at her in friendly play, she swatted him like a fly.

But I'm seeing some progress. It should take about a week for her to get used to the little upstart spreading his smell all over her house.

I originally got this kitten to be her companion when I am away for days at conferences and on vacations. They will likely be the best of friends very soon, but for now she is watching closely, but I can't tell if she is interested in his cute little antics, or if she thinks I brought her dinner. So, I'm watching, too.

Here is a picture of Jasmine, the reluctant adoptive mother.


Any comment or advice on how to handle this cat situation is welcome.
Have a great day.

Vijaya Schartz
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