Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Would you believe I wrote a fairytale?

My short story SLEEPING BEAUTY comes lives today on the ROMANTIC TIMES BOOK REVIEWS website. Although I write mainly Sci-Fi romance in novel length, I enjoy exploring other avenues with short stories, (some have even shocked some of my readers) and when Romantic Times asked me to write a modern adaptation of a classic fairytale, I jumped at the opportunity. This venture into classic romance was a lot of fun. No but-kicking, no aliens, no martial arts, no saving the planet, just an intriguing modern story based on a fairytale. I call is a story of greed, attempted murder, and live-saving love. It ends up with a kiss (spoiler alert), but do not expect the same old story.
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Wishing you all a fantastic summer.
Vijaya Schartz