Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Did aliens visit us in the past? by Vijaya Schartz

Have we been visited by alien species in the ancient past? Are we the product of genetic manipulation by technologically advanced ancient visitors in need of labor? Are the gods of so many different Earth cultures aliens who, in ancient times, came down from other star systems to teach, nurture, and facilitate the evolution of the human race? All these questions might seem outrageous to many people

Of course, the mainstream scientists refuse to examine the evidence, and governments are quick to dismiss any theory that doesn't fit the accepted standard. Few have enough courage to tell the world that our history books should be rewritten. But if you research and consider the evidence, it's not farfetched at all.

Ancient texts, like the Mahabarata in India, describe the gods waging war in the sky, flying Vimanas, shooting arrows of light and thunder that destroyed their flying chariots of fire. Ancient cities of India, like Mohanjo Daro, are still radioactive from their destruction by a nuclear blast thousands of years ago.

The ancient Vikings believed their gods came from another world through a rainbow bridge reminiscent of a wormhole. Could Odin, Thor, and the entire Viking mythology be relating events in the past, where powerful beings came to Earth from another planet?

Could it be that the ancient texts we consider as mythology, are actually records of historical events lost in the night of time? Even the ancient testament speaks of beings coming to Earth from the heavens. God came with legions of angels and archangels organized in a very military order... not so different from a modern space fleet.

Why is it that ruins in Puma Punku, in South America, dated 20,000 years ago, show stones cut with a precision we cannot achieve even today with the most sophisticated instruments? The traditions of the local tribes say these were built not by human hands, but by the gods.
structures on Mars
Are the structures on Mars left over from an ancient civilization, dating from when the red planet was green with life? What caused its atmosphere to thin and its water to dry up? Is it what will happen to Earth if we are not careful?

I am only scratching the surface here. This world is full of mysteries, and if we bother to investigate them, we might very well discover the secret of our origins, and embrace the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

As a science fiction writer, I find this inspiring, uplifting, and I sincerely hope the people of this world start looking closely at all these clues. Now that we have the technology to analyze the evidence, we should not be afraid of the results. The truth will prevail in the end, so why resist it?

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