Saturday, August 17, 2013

AKIRA'S CHOICE, coming Sept.1, 2013, has a cover!

No surprise there. The cover is almost the same for all the novellas in this publisher series. My last contribution was BLACK DRAGON. Other Desert Breeze authors contributed novellas to this series as well.

The cover represents the Borealis space station, a decrepit outpost at the fringe of conquered space. The time is the 27th century, when man has interstellar travel. Unlike Babylon Five, this space station is ancient and in disrepair, due to the rebellion against the Trans Planetary Protectorate.

Akira is a futuristic samurai bounty hunter. She is a no-nonsense kick-butt heroine, and she believes in right and wrong, law and order.  Her mark is a child kidnapper, and she has no qualms about bringing him in, dead or alive. But the child is another matter. Something is wrong with her orders. Why would the TPP want a small child dead or alive? She intends to find out.

But Akira is not prepared for what she discovers...

This action-packed romantic novella is a sweet read, but it will keep you turning the pages.

Enter the contest to win a pdf copy HERE

Good luck and happy reading! 

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