Friday, May 3, 2013

A few lines from... A Novel Murder - by Ginger Simpson

"I'm going to resign!"
"Resign?" Naomi's mouth gaped.
"God, you sound just like Tony. Relax. Not right at the moment, but as soon as our current cases are solved. I can't walk away when of which I've met, are losing their lives."
"So, have you really thought this through?"
"You have no idea. I actually made some progress on my novel tonight, but my muse isn't cooperating because I can't stop thinking about Kitten and Persia."
"When did you get cats?"
"Oh, Nay. Those are the stripper names of the two dead women."
"Hmm, yeah now I remember. Sorry, guess I had a memory lapse. So more about this resignation thing..."
"I have my writing to fall back on, and my editor thinks this next story is going to be the one that makes me big bucks. I'm making out pretty good on the first, but I love to write, so being
free of the force will give me the time I need."

Spice Up Your Life with Ginger
Ginger Simpson

Come back on May 10, for a few lines from Gail Roughton.

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