Friday, January 13, 2012

This blog was nominated for a sweet blog award!

Don't you love this strawberry chantilly pie? My blog was nominated by author Linda Andrews, who writes in a wide range of paranormal,  historical, and science fiction. Visit her blog, Paranormal Journeys, at:  I am currently reading her book REDACTION, a post human near-extinction novel, and I'll let you know about it when I finish it. So far, I love it. Great characters and great insights...

Since the rules for this award say that I have to nominate ten other blogs, and tell you seven things you may not know about myself. Here goes:

I nominate the following blogs:

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Seven things you may not know about me:

1- I am short... really. So short the State employee who measured me for my ID card added half an inch to be kind. You would never know it, because I always wear very high wedges or heels in public.

2 - I am French. Yep. Born and raised in the suburbs of Paris. And if you heard me speak, that's where the accent comes from. I've lived in the States long enough that English has become my first language. When I go back to France to see my family, it takes me a few days to think in French again.

3 - I can kick ass, not just in my books but in real life. I'm a Martial Arts black belt (Aikido) and had Judo and Karate as a kid. I was very small even then, and on demonstration day, they made me throw the largest man in the Judo club in a David and Goliath type of fight. So fun.

4 - I was once a gymnast. Way back when, in the French National Gymastics team, I represented my country in several foreign competitions, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Good times.

5 - In my backyard, I feed abandoned cats (victims of forclosures in the neighborhood) who found sanctuary there, and at one time I had chickens (my husband's pets, so old they din't lay eggs anymore) and doves (the cats love watching the doves feed and sometimes pounce, but rarely catch one).

6 - I watch my weight like a hawk (pardon the cliche). Because I'm so short, an extra pound shows on me, and I can't button my jeans. My secret: low fat, low carbs. Exercise has been lacking lately, but I'm going to make time for it this year... time? Who has the time?

7 - My name, Vijaya, is from India. It was given to me by my Yoga teacher when I lived there. Vijaya comes from Vidya (knowledge) and Jaya (Ever victorious). When I emigrated to the US (with a husband I met and married in India) I made it my legal name.

Here, now you know me a little better.
Congratulation to the new blog awards nominees.

Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Guns, Swords, Romance with a Kick.

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