Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REDACTION by Linda Andrews would make a great TV mini-series

I just finished this book and I had to share my enthusiasm about it. It's not exactly a romance, although the romance lovers will recognize the start of a love story between the two main characters. So it does include falling in love, although the circumstances are drastically against it.

This book made me believe. It's set in the Phoenix area, where I live, and I realized while reading it that I wasn't prepared for what would come if any cataclysm, modern plague or otherwise, struck the Valley of the Sun.

The characterization in this work is masterful, given the scope of this book, as it follows various groups of characters through their struggles to survive. The word pictures get under your skin. What people do in desperate situations can be brave or horrific. What nature unleashes can be even more devastating. The horror in this book is insidious because it is so believable.

Only at the end of this long novel do some of the various groups of characters end up meeting each other. I like that the ending is hopeful, but this is not the end at all. I'm eagerly waiting for the next book in this series, to find out who lives and who dies in the end. Some nasty characters are still at large. Will the Human race even survive at all? The odds are against us.

This novel would make a great syfy channel TV mini-series about the apocalypse.

You can find it for 99 cents or $2.99 at all the usual eBook distributors.

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