Monday, June 27, 2016

99cts in kindle ASLEEP IN SCOTTSDALE

99cts in kindle for a few days
Suspenseful romance novella

When Talia runs over billionaire Kyle Dormant with her bicycle in the dog park, she considers their meeting a happy accident. He believes it is destiny, but her physician's mind rebels at such notions. Their budding romance comes to a grinding halt when Kyle won’t wake up from deep sleep... with no medical explanation. Baffled and deeply concerned, Talia digs into his recent past for a plausible cause. Instead, she uncovers dark family secrets. Convinced Kyle's condition was induced, and someone wants him dead, she is anxious to save him, but the closer she gets to the sordid truth… and a possible cure, the greater the risk to both their lives.

"This is a well paced, traditional romance novel. I really enjoyed that neither Kyle nor Talia jumped into anything the moment they laid eyes on each other. I loved how the author infused the modern story with the feel of old-fashioned romance. Kyle might have been emotionally devastated, but he wasn't bitter or too cynical... I liked Talia's character and found her a good balance between willing to let Kyle help her and open herself to him, but still more than determined to keep the rest of her life independent and on her own terms... A sweet, enjoyable romance novel that I can recommend for all readers." Love Romances Review

"I like Schartz' books, although this is the first I've read that is contemporary romance. I'm not used to this side of her, although I do like the strong Talia and the story she weaves. A good, but short read for a hot desert holiday!" Manic Readers  

Mostly known for my sci-fi romances and my medieval fantasy novels, I do not write a lot of contemporary romances, and most of them are novellas, but if you like my brand of action romance with a hint of suspense, you may want to check:
Award-winning Contemporary romance novel set in India

Two lovers, murdered in a previous life, meet again in this life, in India, where their murderess awaits...

99cts Novella - Action romance with a hint of suspense - - Can Madison solve the mystery killings and insure the safety of the town? Let alone her own safety? For each step closer to the truth and to Kaletaka, unleashes an unspeakable evil, and no one is safe...
"So many times my theory of who done it was thwarted and yet I was thrilled to stay on the edge of my seat until the very last word just to find out." Five stars - Book Junkie Reviews

99cts Novella - action romance with a hint of suspense 

"A love story and an adventure rolled in to one. There is very little "down time" in this fast-paced story, and this reader was glued to it until the very end." Fallen Angel Reviews

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