Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gods of Egypt, ancient aliens and myths - by Vijaya Schartz

The male gods: Thoth god of wisdom, Horus the defeated rightful king, Set the evil uncle murderer and usurper

GODS OF EGYPT explodes on the big screen and just blew my mind. Love, passion, hatred, revenge, greed, power hunger, and redemption. It has it all, even humor. I loved the script, the storytelling, and the fresh take on the myth. I like that it respects the legend. I also like the fact that the sun god Ra resides in space, on what looks very much like an alien spaceship. The gods are much taller than humans, and liquid gold flow in their veins. Cool

Don't wait for the DVD. This super-production, reminiscent of the great movies of the fifties with high pagentry and lots of extras, must be seen on the big screen, preferably in 3D. Today, of course, we use digital images and blue screens, and the result is amazing. Morphing gods larger than life and alien ships in orbit are possible, and incredible creatures come alive. We understand why the Egyptians revered their gods when they exhibited such powers.
Hathor, goddess of love and Zaya, beauty of the Nile, a simple mortal in love.
I am a new fan of Nicolaj Coster-Waldau playing Horus. Gerard Butler makes a formidable evil brother Set, and the goddess of love, Hathor is played by the beautiful Elodie Yung. As for the mortal couple, Brenton Thwaites and Courtney Eaton as Kek and Zaya, they have the right amount of innocence, chemistry, faith, courage, and determination.

I like the fact that this movie doesn't focus on the better known story of the dismemberment of Osiris by his brother Set. Instead it features Osiris's son and rightful king, the god Horus. Portrayed as a happy go lucky rich boy who loves parties, Horus has a rocky start when on his coronation day, Set kills his father, beats up Horus and steals his all-seeing eyes, his woman... as well as his kingdom... which Set quickly exploits and enslaves for his own aggrandizement. Blind and dispossessed, Horus falls into depression and despair. It will take the example and encouragement of two of his fiercest worshipers to give him the strength and courage to fight back and free his people.

How relevant to our times is this story? More than you think. Greed and power hunger are still a strong motivation among the elite. Love can still move mountains. A few courageous souls can defy their betters and win great battles against impossible odds. Besides, we still honor the old myths. We only have to look at our dollar bill to see the eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye, atop the Egyptian pyramid. Where do you think this came from?

I strongly encourage you to see this movie. You won't regret it. In the meantime, you can read more about gods and aliens with incredible powers in my CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series. WHITE TIGER is still free at ARe, and Snow Cheetah just received a 5-star review from Fallen Angel Reviews. "On top of being an incredible Sci-fi story, this book had many unique aspects. The biggest of which was one lovable and fun-loving snow Cheetah called Pangura, a pet, and the soon-to-be Queen Natalia... This story ensnared me from the very beginning with the many plot twists, fascinating characters, many Science fiction themes, and a love story that was truly inspiring. This was a wonderful addition to the Chronicles of Kassouk series." Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 stars
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