Friday, May 1, 2015


Alien base on the moon - NASA - Google
If you believe the conspiracy theorists, since our first steps in space, we have discovered alien bases on the moon and later on Mars. Using reverse-engineered spacecrafts, we are making contact with other species, collaborating with aliens on top secret projects in secret US bases, in the name of science... even experimenting on fellow humans.

This would explain a lot of UFO sightings, abductions, animal mutilations, the men in black, our giant steps in new technology, and the $12,000 hammers and ridiculously expensive supplies purchased by the government over the past decades, as they served as a cover for the enormous amount of government funds diverted toward this top secret research.

According to same conspiracy theorists, we may have already mastered antigravity, cloaking technology, warp drive... wouldn't that be great? Of course, the governments of Earth aware of this collaboration remain silent on the topic, denying and debunking every witness reports, and rejecting questions with benign answers.

A sci-fi writer can only dream and speculate. For me, I like to think we are already in space. After all, in Stargate, the entire project was top secret and unknown to the public. It makes sense that if such a project existed, the governments would deny its existence.

Can you imagine the world becoming what all these science fiction authors are predicting? While some authors paint a dark picture of our fictitious future, I choose to present humanity with challenges they can ultimately handle and overcome... that's because I want a happy outcome. After all, my heroes and heroines do deserve to be happy in the end.

So, I choose to believe, and maybe, who knows, this will be the brainstorm starting point of my future sci-fi romance series. A writer's mind never stops speculating. My Ancient Enemy series is not so farfetched after all. Find all my books at: AMAZON  -  B&N  -  ARe  -  SMASHWORDS etc.

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