Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watching Warehouse 13 - by Vijaya Schartz

Imagine a warehouse where all the most secret and the most dangerous devices, scientific, alien weapons, or magic artifacts, are stored and protected from the wrong hands. This secret facility is hidden under a mountain, and the innocent entrance looks like an old-fashioned barn. Who would search for powerful artifacts in a barn? Of course, the barn leans on a mountain side, and the enormous facility is hollowed out in the rock under the mountain range.

This steampunk, sci-fi, paranormal series is fun and engaging, and sometimes dramatic and gruesome. The romance between the two protagonists is lacking, although there were attempts at romance in previous seasons. I guess that's why the creators introduced a new fresh character, Claudia. She fell in love but her love interest was killed in a previous episode.

Not to worry, this is Warehouse 13, and the young man can be revived... although there will be a price to pay.

In a typical episode, an artifact is missing, or an artifact is sighted somewhere in the world, wreaking havoc, and our two FBI special agents have to retrieve it, often pry it off the hands of some bad guys bent on world domination. The plots are full of adventure. Saving the world is a daily occurence. Sometimes it requires going back in time to undo some evil... always at a price, though.

I'm watching religiously on SyFy on Mondays.

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