Saturday, May 26, 2012

I just read: THE SYN-EN SOLUTION by Linda Andrews

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As far as Sci-fi romances go, this one has everything. From the space ship battles, the altered beings regarded as inferior by the purely biological entities, to the political intrigues, genocide, plagues, and a voyage to a faraway planet through a wormhole. Of course, between all the action scenes and unraveling mystery, the hero, a SYN-EN, (synthetic entity but not entirely) burns for the soft skin of this stowaway unaltered biological woman he found naked in a pod aboard his ship.

The fact that the woman traveled through time from Twentieth Century Earth provides the perfect device to help the reader understand the technology of this spacefaring modified human race. It makes the jump in time easier. Although the science in this book is irreproachable, it never obscures the human and semi-human emotional conflicts, and the love scenes sizzle with intensity.

I loved the Syn-En solution, a very well written book, and am looking forward to more novels in this very promising series.

I give this book five stars!

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