Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chronicles of Kassouk - Book One - White Tiger

Don't you like the gorgeous cover of WHITE TIGER, Book One in the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK from Desert Breeze Publishing?

Find this August 2009 release at:

Or in Kindle format on Amazon at:

This is the eBook version (to be followed by print in a few months) and I love the cover. Here is the blurb:

In a winter world where blood and loyalty are everything, how can Tora avenge her father's death when a handsome Mutant challenges her bloodline, and his offer to help can get them both killed...
In the vortex of war, treason and intrigue, among blizzards, avalanches and ambushes, will Tora solve the mystery of her father’s death and unveil the secret of her birth? Can she and Dragomir escape persecutions long enough to save their planet from the alien invaders and fulfill their destiny?

Vijaya Schartz
Award-winning Sci-Fi
Guns, Swords, Romance With a Kick

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