Monday, March 9, 2009

My next hero is Native American

In my childhood spent in France, I used to play Cowboys and Indians. Even then, I always chose to be an Indian. Exotic cultures already fascinated me.

Since I've been writing for publication, I've been waiting to write about Native American cultures. I wasn't ready. Now, finally, the opportunity has presented itself. My publisher, Sapphire Blue, asked me to write a shapeshifter story. And this time, I'm ready for the all Native American hero.

In the course of my research I had to let go of the clich├ęs and deal with the reality of what it means to be Native American. Even in the romance genre, I stick to the nitty gritty of reality. Of course, there will be a happy ending. But the road to happiness is never easy, and different cultures tend to clash.

So before my next girl with a gun (an Arizona Game and Fish Ranger) finds her happily ever after with the Native American of her dreams, she will have to overcome a few obstacles...

This story, titled COYOTE GORGEOUS, will not be available until later this year. In the meantime, you can always read my award winning novella, about a border patrol agent dealing with the red hot immigration issue in Arizona. A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS is available from:

A Desperado for Christmas small

Vijaya Schartz
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