Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A week with Susan Wingate, author

Award-winning and bestselling novelist, Susan Wingate, is also a poet and playwright. She received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in 1994. Since then, she has written three novels and one collection.
Her second novel, Bobby’s Diner, will be released in February 2009 (Cambridge Books).
Her novels, short stories, poetry, articles and plays consistently receive awards and acclaim. Susan is a featured writer for the Arizona Author’s Association newsletter and a contributing writer for several other magazines.
Since 2006, Susan has kept busy teaching writing classes at Skagit College – San Juan Center, at writing conferences and at her studio. She offers a monthly teleconference to writers entitled, “Blasting the Market.” In 2007, after the publication of her mystery novel, Of the Law, Susan traveled extensively around the states of Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona giving lectures and workshops on writing and crafting novels. As well, Susan has one collection of short stories, poems and essays entitled, Ravings of a Mad Gentlewoman. Ravings exemplifies her talent for storytelling in several different formats.
She is an active member of the writing community – locally and nationally. Currently, she organizes a series of reading events for the library. These events spotlight local, regional, national and international writers. Her monthly online newsletter called, “Sincerely, Susan” has an avid readership.
For hobbies, Susan enjoys reading, painting, photography, playing with her animals and talking with her husband. Presently, she lives in Washington State where she writes full time.
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