Sunday, September 2, 2007

Introducing my fellow author Angela Verdenius

Something is coming…

Bad-tempered, bad-mouthed, tough-as-nails Head Peacekeeper, Desdemona keeps a tight grip on her settlement on the outskirts of the Outlaw Sector.

A rising body count, attacks, escalating outlaw activity, and clashes with the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Simon, can only culminate in two things - one hotly intimate, the other so very deadly…

The Heart & Soul series is a sci-fi/futuristic series, where the heroines are often the 'tortured ones', rather than the usual tortured heroes:

...where the women are strong...
...the men are their match...
...and the universe is an exciting and dangerous place... little catch-phrase for them. The heroines come in all types - outlaws, warriors, peacekeepers, bounty hunters, soldiers, traitors, thieves, assassins, smugglers, space pirates, security, part mutants, etc - they all walk and breathe and turn the worlds of men upside down. The men are traders, bounty hunters, soldiers, security, leaders...and they will stand beside the woman they love against everyone else.

Even though a series, each book is a stand alone story, featuring one particular couple. I have taken side characters from one story and given them their own, and it has continued thusly (don't you just love old fashioned words? ), so each book introduces you to a new couple, a couple you have met briefly in previous books, and to their story.

Some stories are dark, some funny, some sensual and sexy. It all depends on the couple and their story. All I know is that they are fun to write about! (We won't mention those times I and my characters have fought during their story).

More information is available from my website
including more books and blurbs on this series.

Angela Verdenius


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